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Greatness fuelled by ice cream

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Greatness fuelled by ice cream


The Players’ Tribune has published a stack of brilliant World Cup stories, featuring some of the biggest names around.


This week, there’s a ripper with Edinson Cavani, who may or may not start in tonight’s massive quarter-final against France.


It’s just one of our favourite stories this week about elite sportspeople, as told by elite sportspeople, from our favourite athlete platforms around the world.


Just like you get on PlayersVoice every day.



hair’s to you, edinson

Uruguyuan superstar Edinson Cavani is battling a hamstring injury. As a kid, he battled poverty – and believe it or not – a lack of hair so acute that neighbourhood kids called him ‘Pelado’, which means ‘Baldy’.


The best part of his story in The Players’ Tribune? It’s about ‘The Ice Cream Goal’. As he explains:


‘The Ice Cream Goal is something magical. I need to speak with someone at PSG about The Ice Cream Goal. It is genius. It is pure motivation. It was the idea of the organizers of the youth league in Salto. How can you keep a bunch of six-year-old kids motivated no matter what the score of the game is?


You make a rule that the kid to score the last goal of the match gets an ice cream.’


You can read his full story below.




guess which bit of dane is tat-free?

‘I wasn’t going to invest in an accounting firm,’ says retired Collingwood champ, Brownlow Medallist and premiership player Dane Swan in this terrific video on athlete storytelling platform Exclusive Insight.


Yeah, no kidding, Dane.


Will it shock you to learn that Swan – who is covered in tats pretty much from top to toe – has invested in a tattoo studio? This did not shock us. Will it shock you to learn he is running out of body parts to ink? This also did not even slightly shock us.


‘My bum’s left’ – a little bit of it,” Swan says in the vid. OK, that’s probably enough info.




When Ronaldo rolled like Neymar

Memes of Neymar rolling (and rolling and rolling and rolling) have been pretty popular during this World Cup.


But you won’t believe what we just found. It’s a two-year-old video of Cristiano Ronaldo playing a little backyard football with his son (whom he modestly named ‘Cristiano Jnr’). The video is on Unscriptd, a platform for athlete video storytelling.


So anyway, just wait for it… wait for it… the roll starts at about 50 seconds.



We swear to God, Neymar must have watched this video for inspiration.



off to school

We like this. It has fish in it. Many, many fish and soothing watery gurgles.


We speak of a video by pro Aussie surfer Felicity Palmateer on athlete storytelling platform 20Four. It’s the second one down their feed and your day will feel happier when you view it here.


One from warmer days ☀️ @billabongwomens @jenniferstenglein

A post shared by Felicity Palmateer (@flickpalmateer) on



THE ONE voice that counts

Shane Heal wasn’t averse to a bit of argy-bargy back in the day. Famously, he had an on-court stoush with ‘Sir’ Charles Barkley at the 1996 Olympics that almost – key word, ALMOST – ended in blows. Just as famously, they hugged afterwards.


This is a good lesson. Be aggressive, but know when to rein it in. And that’s why Heal was the perfect person to provide the one piece of perspective that matters on the #basketbrawl between Australia and the Philippines this week.



The fact he was commentating the game made his observations all the stronger. The story ran right here on PlayersVoice and you can read it here.









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