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Five years since diagnosis

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Five years since diagnosis


At the age of 29, Tim Shaw started to notice his body changing. A deterioration in control over his muscles led to him being cut by his team.


A month after he retired, a doctor told Shaw he believed he had ALS, commonly known as motor neurone disease.


In an astonishing Players’ Tribune video, Shaw epitomises the human spirit. 


Back in Australia, PlayersVoice founding contributor Pat Cummins talks on Direct Hit about Mitchell Starc’s performance in the second Test against Sri Lanka and Freo midfielder Kiara Bowers reveals on the AFLPA site the remarkable journey she’s been on to make her AFLW debut – more than two years after being signed. 


There’s also an amazing insight into the UFC legend Anderson ‘the Spider’ Silva and Otro offers a hint of what Becks thinks of the two greatest footballers in the world today. 


These are our favourite stories this week about elite sportspeople, as told by elite sportspeople, from our favourite athlete platforms around the world.


Just like you get on PlayersVoice everyday.



‘Won’t let it define me’

“I’m only 34 years old, but it’s difficult for me to speak. It’s also a blessing because it makes every word I say more purposeful”.


Five years ago, Tim Shaw was a linebacker in the NFL. Then he was diagnosed with ALS – a rare neurological disease – and his life changed forever.


From The Players’ Tribune, this is a heartbreaking edition of their series, ‘Letter to My Younger Self’, as Tim shares some important lessons to prepare him for the tough times ahead.




Pat’s Pace Plaudit

If Pat Cummins admires your pace, you’re probably sending them down fairly swiftly.


Cummins owned the first Test against Sri Lanka. In the second Test – the first ever in Canberra – Mitchell Starc became the tourists’ worst nightmare. It was timely for Starc, who was under plenty of pressure – according to Warney, anyway.


‘He’s been threatening all summer,’ Cummins said in this post on Direct Hit.


‘He’s been bowling so quick, over 150 ks every single game. I don’t know how he does it. I just stand there at mid-off and admire his pace.’


The feeling is no doubt mutual!





921 days.


That’s how long Fremantle midfielder Kiara Bowers waited to make her AFLW debut.


She was recruited by the Dockers before the inaugural season as a marquee player but missed the next two years with a knee injury. On the weekend, she made an emotional return to footy and played a crucial role in a four-point win over Melbourne, kicking a goal in the last quarter.


In Anatomy of a Debut, Kiara admits there were times she thought of giving football away for good and explains how she found the resilience to keep trying.


“I’d always sit down, eat a bucket of ice-cream and get up the next day and get on with it.”


Head over to the AFL Players website to read the full story.





Many fans consider him the greatest UFC fighter of all time. This weekend, Anderson Silva returns to the octagon at UFC 234 in Melbourne after a difficult few years.


‘I broke my leg in my 2013 rematch with Chris Weidman after losing my belt to him. Then, I failed a doping test …’


In this story with PlayersVoice, ‘The Spider’ reveals how the darkest period of his career taught him his greatest lesson.




Quizzing Teammates

It’s an absolute NBA nuffy-fest in Uninterrupted’s episode of Chris Paul and Gerald Green’s #thesixthsense.


The Houston Rockets teammates ask some fairly tough questions of each other, perhaps none more so than how many clubs has Green played at … the man’s been everywhere.


Chris Paul and Gerald Green test their chemistry | #TheSixthSense

What is Chris Paul’s favorite Jordan shoe? How many NBA teams has Gerald Green played for?In the latest episode of #TheSixthSense presented by State Farm, the Houston Rockets’ teammates put their chemistry to the test.

Posted by UNINTERRUPTED on Tuesday, 29 January 2019




It’s only a teaser from Otro. But it’s worth a look, if only for the names it features.


David Beckham talking about Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Someone say ultra-mega-superstars?


Becks raises a fair point about the duo – we really are lucky to have seen the two greats play over such a long period of time.






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