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I call it the one-percent advantage.


I don’t teach a coach about game strategy or show a player how to score a try. But I can give them a ‘one-percenter’ in terms of a mental edge. In an era where very little separates the elite from the pack, it will make all the difference.


It’s not leadership, It’s believer-ship.


The coach who believes the strongest will win. Unless a coach genuinely wants to learn and improve and explore the science of the mind, I refuse to work with them.


I reprogram a client’s subconscious mind to the thoughts of success. Your brain only believes what you feed it. Are you feeding it the right information? Are you surrounded by people in your life who only want to talk about negative things? If so, I change that messaging and then I fill the subconscious mind. And then I fill it and fill it and fill it. It’s not just one layer. You have to put hundreds, sometimes thousands, of layers over so when negativity or doubt tries to invade their thinking, it can’t get through.


The subconscious mind works like this: 21 days creates the habit; 90 days locks it in. When I give somebody a program, if they miss one day, they have to restart the whole 90 days again. The brain is different to the body. You can skip a gym session, then do two the next day to catch-up. The subconscious mind doesn’t work that way.


Here’s another thing: The subconscious mind gets confused with more than three instructions. You know when someone says to you, ‘How’s the new job?’ And you say, ‘Great.’ And they say, ‘What did you do?’ And you say, ‘I can’t remember.’


The reason you can’t remember is because you’ve been told to do a hundred things that day.


I make it very simple.


This is what I’m telling you to do. This is what’s going to happen. This is the outcome.


Over time, a client develops a strong sense of belief. In my book, The Science Of Belief, I write that destiny is just a moment in time waiting to happen. In other words, a client can visualise with great clarity what their goal is. Their belief is so strong that they can see the future result as if they were watching it on TV. They can manifest it.



A few of my predictions have been written up in the press.


People say it can’t be done. Anyone who has worked with me will tell you otherwise.


I also see shifts in energy. When that happens, good or bad, it transfers onto the players and the staff, which transfers onto all the supporters. I watch the opposition coaches, staff and players, write down what I see in terms of their one-percenters, and report back. And I obviously watch the coaches I’m working with very closely.


I said to a coach once, ‘There’s a change of energy. Are all the players doing their one-percents?’


He answered, ‘Yep.’


‘Are you doing all your one-percents?’




‘Are you reading my program?’




‘Day and night?’


‘Nope. Just in the morning.’


I was straight with him. ‘You’re a f#%&ing hypocrite,’ I said. ‘You’re demanding all these things out of your players and you won’t even commit to it yourself.’


He did it every night after that.


It has taken 35 years of adversity to accrue the knowledge I have. I’ve been knocked down time and time again and kept getting back up.


We also discuss the importance of defeat. If you look at everything in your life that doesn’t go your way, there is a miracle in the experience. You’ve just got to find it. Most people make excuses, complain, blame others, lose the plot. It’s a shame. They’ve completely missed the gold nugget that’s right in there. We find the miracles in a loss.


My programs are proven. The results are there for all to see in coaches I’ve worked with.


A lot of people are sceptical at first. They’ll look at my work and go, ‘Michael Maguire? You were just in the right place at the right time. Michael Cheika? Right place, right time. Eddie Jones? Right place, right time. Graham Arnold? Hang on. There might be something to this. Trent Robinson … wow!’


There’s no coincidence.





On December 15, 2017, I cold-called Trent Robinson.


‘You’ll win the grand final next year,’ I told him and wrote it in a copy of my book for him. I knew at that moment I would be working with Trent. I just didn’t know when I was going to start.


Trent rang me on the Friday after the grand final. He said, ‘Bradley, I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the work you’ve done with me.’ He was so sincere that I cried on the phone. I’m 57 years old and I cried. That’s when he told me he was having an NRL Premiership ring made for me.


It was a similar story with Eddie Jones.


The Wallabies had just finished runners-up at the World Cup under Cheika. I said to Cathy, ‘There’s this thing called the Six Nations. I don’t know what it is. But I’m going to win one with a team.’


I didn’t have an email address for the CEO of the RFU, but Cathy guessed it with a bit of trial and error. He came back and said he was interested and would pass my email on to the coach. A couple of weeks later he wrote back and said, ‘We’ve sacked our coach, when we get a new one I’ll get back to you.’


A few weeks later, he said, ‘We’ve just hired Eddie Jones. I’ll pass your information on to him.’


Eddie rang me.


We worked together, and he went on to win nine games straight, including a history-making whitewash of the Wallabies.


When Graham Arnold was at Sydney FC, Graham told his team, before the game that his team would win 4-0. He also told them the exact time when the fourth goal would be scored. I had taught him - he could see it. When the fourth goal went in, the goalkeeping coach nudged Arnie and pointed at the clock.


It all happened as he had told his team.


There was another time he told his team they’d win 6-0 and Brandon O’Neill would score. Graham told Brandon, who told his dad, who put some money on the multi. It all came out in the press. We kept our discussions strictly internal from that point on.


I’ve got millions of these stories, but that should give you a decent idea of the work I’m doing.


We’re getting inquiries from all over the world now. We’re getting ready to teach the world a new way to think. In the future, we’ll teach kids the Science of Belief at school. It’s coming. We already have a pilot program started in a Queensland school with super results.


The universe is sending us in that direction.


Expect to Win.




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